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The Perfect lighting Solutions has the ability to dynamically transform any environment.

At lighting Impulse, we provide end to end lighting solution to match your interior and infrastructure needs, with our lighting solutions working out a systematic plan for creating your lighting layout, with the help of innumerable design patterns to suit your requirements & taste.

Lighting Impulse is a Bangalore (India) based company that specializes in high quality lighting solutions. We provide all kind of lighting solutions.Not all LED lights are the same. The quality of the fixture, beam dispersion,internal chip,wattage color tone, flicker rate, and more should all be taken into consideration when purchasing LED lights. At Lighting impulse, you get the best quality of lighting solutions at industry leading prices.

The reason which makes us difference from the rest is: We don't have a retail shop, we don't do trade show promotions, and we don't offer every light ever made. Rather we sell the latest of a hand-picked range of lights direct to the public at wholesale prices. By cutting out multiple layers of middlemen you get the best range of lights at the best prices.

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Affordable & Topnotch Design

Our Experts can help you find affordable, top-notch retail store lighting ideas so that you can choose the best for your business whether it is Residential or commercial project.

Professional Help

Nothing beats professional input, of course, to take the worry and decision making off your shoulders. You can receive help in choosing the most appropriate lighting for your store and for your target market with recommendations that adhere to building codes, lighting standards and safety regulations, all within your budget.

Customization or Planning

When planning for ambient (general) lighting, task lighting and accent lighting for your individual store – no matter the categories into which it falls – the elements of good lighting design are always required. This means finding the right balance between unity and variety, the alteration of light patterns and styles and attention-focused lighting contrasts. Consideration must be placed on lighting intensity, quantity, placement and color; overall, you must design lighting that makes people comfortably able to assess their surroundings and the merchandise offered